Dear all, we are delighted to announce that the Czech Republic Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Knowledge Translation (the Cochrane Czech Republic, Czech CEBHC, Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence, Masaryk University GRADE Centre, an organizational member of Guidelines International Network), Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University won a bid to host the Global Evidence Summit in 2021. 

Global Evidence Summit (GES 2) postponed until 2023 as a result of the continued global spread and impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus). More information here.

The Global Evidence Summit (GES) is a quadrennial event that brings together leading organizations in Evidence-Based Healthcare in a shared mission to provide a platform to discuss critical issues across different sectors, including health, education, social justice, the environment, and climate change. The theme of the Summit ‘Using evidence. Improving lives’ aims to advance the use of reliable research evidence in addressing some of the world’s most serious health and social challenges.

Following the success of the inaugural GES in Cape Town in 2017, four global leaders in evidence-based policy and practice will again join forces to deliver the second Global Evidence Summit in 2023 to the Czech Republic. Those 4 global leader organizing partners are Cochrane Collaboration, Guidelines International Network (G-I-N), Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) a The Campbell Collaboration.


The philosophy of the first GES was one of the inspirations for the establishment of the Czech Republic Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Knowledge Translation, which has now received a unique honor to organize this summit in the Czech Republic.

This multidisciplinary event is becoming the most important event in the field of evidence-based healthcare for eight years for the Czech Republic and, therefore, for CEBHC-KT. In 2017, more than 1,600 participants attended the Cape Town Summit, and for 2023, it is estimated almost once more.

It is a privilege success for CEBHC-KT that is an umbrella institution for the Cochrane Czech Republic, Czech CEBHC: JBI Centre of Excellence, Masaryk University GRADE Centre . Dr. Klugar, director of all these centers is also via Czech Health Research Council an organizational member of G-I-N.



CEBHC-KT director, Miloslav Klugar says: „This was an exciting and very long time-weighted decision process for us supported by many of our national and international collaborators who believe us that we are in a very good position as the ideal candidate to host second GES. Within the spirit of the inaugural GES in Cape Town in 2017, three of the four partners of GES 2 are core centers creating the CEBHC-KT. I am strongly confident we are ready, and we have the capacity and experiences to host the most important event for the next eight years, which is Global Evidence Summit 2.“

Dr. Jitka Klugarová, Deputy director of CEBHC-KT, remarks: “We are very proud that the Global Evidence Summit Two takes place in the Czech Republic. All relevant and important stakeholders from the field of healthcare, research, and education will be invited to participate in GES 2. It will be extremely strong support for the establishment of the National Centre for Clinical Practice Guidelines and its future incorporation into the Czech national legislative and health system. We believe that this process may be followed by other Visegrad Four countries (Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary) to develop the national guidelines programs and establish their own national guidelines centers in co-operation with CEBHC-KT sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise.”

Prof. Andrea Pokorná, Deputy director of CEBHC-KT, remarks: “This is a great opportunity for the Czech Republic. Our Czech colleagues have been recently very active in contributing to Cochrane, Joanna Briggs Institute, Guidelines-International-Network, GRADE working group, and Evidence-Informed Healthcare, either in their country, in Central Europe and worldwide. Therefore, the Summit is also a great opportunity to advocate for the use of evidence in decision-making in the Central European region and also a great opportunity to deepen or establish fruitful collaborative links for future collaboration with a large international audience. This is a great achievement which also influences the provision of healthcare in Central Europe and particularly in the Czech Republic, and I am very proud that Masaryk University as the nest for Czech Evidence-Based activities could be involved.”

The event is already under the auspices of the last Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the present Rector of Masaryk University, prof. - Martin Bareš. Several other Czech universities, Czech and international research and scientific institutions and professional societies also have expressed their support to candidacy and coordination of GES 2 in the Czech Republic including Minister of Health of the Czech Republic Adam Vojtěch and Director of Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic and Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University Prof Ladislav Dušek who remarks: “Global Evidence Summit has significant potential to strengthen national activities in the field of development of Trustworthy EBM Clinical Practice Guidelines.”

Rector Bareš says: "This is a great success of the Czech National Center of Evidence-Based Healthcare and Knowledge Translation (CEBHC-KT), which - although founded only a year ago - shows that trust and hope invested are starting to bear fruit. I am glad I could stand at the birth of this Center, which has a significant overhang outside the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University. My warmest congratulations to all of those contributed to this success – and more such positive news for Masaryk University! "

Please visit the official GES website  for more information